Terms and Conditions


AFEBEST is owned by Augustine Corporation. We aim to make transportation easy and affordable while ensuring you are safe.


To ensure we provide you with an excellent transportation service, we have set of terms and conditions which our riders and drivers should follow.


We advise you go through them carefully to understand these terms and conditions. Kindly find these terms and conditions below.



To access our excellent service, you must register on our website or by downloading AFEBEST on google store and register.


Ensure you fill in the right details when registering. Kindly note that we shall bear no responsibility when you provide false, incomplete, or incorrect details.


Also, create a username and password that you can easily remember and keep your password safe from hackers. 


Your AFEBEST account cannot be transferred to another person.

You should also update details provided during registration from time to time.

AFEBEST reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account when a reason for that arises.



You must be at least 18 years old before you can access our service.


You can only use our app for transportation purpose which means ordering cab driver to transport you to your desired location.


You agree that when accessing our service you agree to abide by the laid down guidelines of utilizing our service.

You will only use an authorized network to access our service.


AFEBEST shall make sure we link you up with one of our drivers, this can only be achieved if there is an availability of driver in or around your location when you request for our service.


AFEBEST shall provide information in regards to services, promotions, discounts via messages or email to your registered mobile number/registered email ID. 


We provide you with the option to stop receiving information concerning our service at any point in time. To stop receiving such information, you will need to visit the specific link provided for this purpose.


Do not harm our Service in whatsoever way.


You agree not to upload, transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs which is designed to interfere, abolish or reduce the functionality of the service.


You agree that your geo-location information must be provided by your device. This will enable us provide an excellent service. You also agree that your geographical location information will be accessible by the app and when you log in your location will be revealed to AFEBEST and Drivers.


You agree that when you access our app you will charge by your internet provider and this depends on how much your network provider charge for that purpose.


AFEBEST shall provide you with your driver's picture and vehicle details, and you will be able to track their arrival on the map.


In a situation whereby the vehicle breakdown before the completion of your ride. (This rarely can happen), however, in such situation, AFEBEST will make sure we provide a substitute vehicle to complete your trip.


You are prohibited from transcribing, distributing, downloading, duplicating, storing and reproducing content which forms AFEBEST content, through any medium. This includes but not limited to any computer system, or other electronic recording or transmission device.



Once a request has been made, a confirmation of booking will be sent to you via mail. Once that is confirmed, we will also send the booking details to you which includes the pick-up time and pick up place. If there is incorrect detail, the same needs to be informed to us immediately by calling our customer care number.


Once the driver arrives, you will receive a call from the driver and a notification from us. Kindly note that delay will attract extra charge.



On the app, there are different payment methods. You can add payment methods such as credit cards, cash, or a PayPal account and when the ride ends, your selected payment method is charged.


Please note that the estimated amount for the trip will be indicated on the app before the trip starts and the trip ends the exact amount for payment will also be indicated.


For more information, enquiries concerning our terms and conditions, kindly send a message to +1-800-721-6504 or email us at support@afebest.com